10 Weirdest Things People Have Donated to Goodwill (Pug Hugs 1/22/14)


10 Weirdest Things People Have Donated to Goodwill

(Donated, not necessarily made it to the shelves)


  1. Custom made photo blanket with someone’s face on it – I can’t imagine someone would get rid of a blanket with their own face on it.  I could never do that.  Even if it it was a bad picture.  So I’m picturing a wife who got a divorce, she got rid of everything with her ex husband’s face but she remembered paying $80 to have the blanket made and couldn’t bear to just throw it away. Who did she think would buy that?  Just put it in the dog’s crate. 
  2. Prosthetic Leg – Aren’t prosthetics custom made?  Maybe they got a shiny new leg and thought there was a one legged person out there who didn’t care about a snug fit. It could also be used for pranks.  Put a sock and shoe on it and leave it sticking out from under your bed when you bring a suitor home. 
  3. OB/GYN Chair with stirrups taped to the side – This is one of my favorites.  Anyone who buys these needs to be added to the sex offender list.  It was nice, I’m sure that cost a lot.   I’d expect to see it on Craigslist but it was sweet of them to donate it. There’s a midwife out there starting up her own business who was thrilled to find that chair. 
  4. Dentures/teeth filled with gold fillings – Used dentures are trash.  I have to assume the person that was attached to them is now dead.  Who just gives away gold-filled teeth? Were these donated by a grave robber? 
  5. Granny girdles – Sweet granny lived through the depression and never threw anything away.  She knew there was a porky little middle schooler out there coming into her body who would appreciate these girdles. 
  6. 30 lbs of Mardi Gras Beads – This was something I donated.  I worked hard to earn all those beads, I couldn’t think of just dumping them in the trash.  I hoped someone going to mardi gras or having a party would buy them. They cost a lot at the party store.  But I didn’t see the point in holding on to them.
  7. Live hand grenade – Call in the bomb squad.  Oh I have all this old extreme prepper stuff leftover from when I thought the world was gonna end along with the Mayan calendar.  I don’t need this anymore, along with all my gas masks and 50 pound cans of creamed corn. 
  8. Old refrigerator with food still inside – Gross.  Burn it with fire. 
  9. Live baby desert owl – Awesome animal, but why would you think it was okay to take to Goodwill?  Do you think they have volunteers trained to handle wild birds of prey.  Oh sorry, our owl guy just left, the only person here today is the falconer.  This isn’t Hogwarts….we don’t have an owlery.  
  10. Urn with human remains – What a slap in the face! Not only did this person not have a grave but they didn’t even have a spot on the mantle next to dust covered silk flowers.  That does bring up an interesting question, are you supposed to pass down ashes to your children? I don’t know. When I die you can just throw my body into a ditch. They could at least scatter the ashes over a pond and run the urn through the dishwasher. 

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