5ive Things That Got Me Through The Week

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This book is 500 pages of Snapped and all my favorite Lifetime Movies without any of the D-list acting or eyewitness accounts.  Word on the street is they are shooting the movie for this book in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Before you hate Ben Affleck as Batman, you can hate him as a possible wife killer in Gone Girl.


That Time of the Month – Rocky Starts 

Storytelling is a hilarious heartfelt medium and the best part is anyone can do it. We all have stories.  This month the theme was Rocky Starts, which I obviously interpreted as Shit Show Short Stories.  It was nice to hear everyone’s stories and know that I’m not the only shit show.  Submit your story to timeofmonth@gmail.com.


Taking my brother to get his Driver’s License

Colton has been driving backhoes and bobcats since he was six, but finally he can do it legally! He even got 100% on his test which according to high school chatter is unheard of.  I made sure to get a good look at his face since I probably won’t see him much now that he has wheels and a can legally operate them.


Game of Thrones

Big thanks to Zach’s parents for giving us their HBO GO password.  We started and got caught up on Game of Thrones and HOLY SHIT! I finally understand what all the fuss is about.  I’m eagerly waiting for Season 4 in April to watch the rest of my favorite characters get slaughtered.  Now i’m hellbent on the idea of a “Medieval Times” style restaurant but with lots of blood, gore and NO MERCY!


Squeezing out every last drop of Birthday

It was hard to narrow it down to five things on my birthday week, but I was surrounded by good friends and fun all week.  What a great start to the year! How do you choose between a painful pedicure given by an angry middle aged Vietnamese man and getting recognized at the Cheesecake factory?  Or being brought homemade cupcakes with fresh duck eggs by Mary or being serenaded while onstage.  Or laughing at the attention starved family at a group reading from a medium or gorging on 2-4-1 pizza slices.  I got tons of gifts, phone calls, online posts, texts, and well wishes from so many people.  Or maybe my fave was the hibachi chef spelling ” I <3 U” in rice veggies and scrambled eggs.  I can’t choose just one, but i know I milked my birthday week for all it was worth.


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