45 Thoughts I had during my first LuLaRoe party

Disclaimer to LuLaRoe fans:

I’m not making fun of LuLaRoe, I’m making fun of my ADHD, anxiety, and inability to follow simple directions. Please no hate messages! I’m really looking forward to slipping on some TC’s in the near future.  XOXO PC

LuLaRoe paulina combow45 Thoughts I had during my first LuLaRoe party

  1. Yay! My first LuLaRoe party!
  2. Hurry up and let me buy all the leggings so I can start my new pants-free life!
  3. I’m on the page, where are the clothes?
  4. Where is albums?
  5. Why are there so many albums?
  6. These are all big shirts with girls’ names
  7. Why can’t I find leggings? I thought it was just leggings.
  8. There’s no way I wear “One Size”
  9. I can’t see the prints on this tiny screen
  10. This it taking forever to load, I’m gonna have to get a new laptop
  11. I can’t afford leggings if I need a new laptop
  12. I can’t see this. Do I need glasses?
  13. I can’t afford leggings if I need glasses.
  14. I’m just gonna search leggings
  15. Nothing came up when I searched leggings
  16. How did nothing come up for leggings on a LuLaRoe shopping party?
  17. I found the leggings!
  18. I’ll have to get an eye exam. How much do those cost?
  19. I don’t even have an optometrist.
  20. I bet Kate Spade has some really cute frames.
  21. Oh look, leggings with glasses!
  22. Ok, how do I add these to my cart
  23. There is no cart.
  24. I’ll just “like” it, maybe I can find it later
  25. Do people really buy valentine’s day leggings?
  26. If I got those I’d be wearing them all year
  27. This giraffe print is cute, but that one on the thigh would make me look like I have a penis.
  28. How do I see if they have leggings with pugs on them?
  29. Who do I ask?
  30. Is there like a personal shopper?
  31. Would it be easier to just make my own leggings? This might be a job for Pinterest and Joanne
  32. What’s the host of the party doing right now?
  33. Am I supposed to ask questions?
  34. I feel like writing bitchy comments on some of these
  35. I guess its rude to say I don’t really like the prints
  36. Nobody else is leaving snarky comments, boo
  37. Is this one of those things where I have to buy something or it’s gonna be awkward?
  38. Wait, the leggings have different names too.
  39. There’s more than one style of leggings?
  40. This feels like work!
  41. I feel like I’m the only stupid person who can’t figure out how to buy leggings
  42. How can I make it just show me leggings with animals on them
  43. I’m so tired.
  44. This feels like looking at wallpaper samples for my thighs.
  45. I think I’ve done enough tonight, I’ll try again in the next party
For actual information on LuLaRoe, check out their website. 

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